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Squla is an online enrichment program for children in grades K-6 that provides engaging, interactive content that stimulates children to learn. Intended for use in the classroom and at home, Squla supports academic achievement and readiness with educationally appropriate quizzes, games, videos, and activities across multiple curricular subjects including language arts, reading, math, history, and science.

vink_grijs Developed by educators and online game experts
vink_grijs Recommended by thousands of teachers
vink_grijs Thousands of educational quizzes, activities, games, and videos
vink_grijs Challenges children to master skills across multiple subjects
vink_grijs Engaging content and fun rewards motivate kids to learn
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Motivate kids to learn

Squla fits right in with the way children learn and experience the world. With an intuitive interface, award winning graphics, and engaging interactive content, children are stimulated to learn in a playful way. Additionally, rewards encourage kids to play again and again, which in turn results in valuable knowledge and practice with skills that improve academic achievement. Squla boosts a child’s self-confidence and cultivates the love of school and learning.

vink_grijsUpdated regularly with new quizzes, games, and activities
vink_grijsMultiplayer features allow Squla members to play each other
vink_grijsKids earn points to unlock new content

Grades K-1Groep1tm3

 vink_grijsPictures and audio make it easy for beginning readers to play independently
vink_grijs Covers all subjects, including early reading, math and the world around us
vink_grijs Features quizzes, memory games, puzzles and coloring activities

icon-sallevakken2icon-sallevakken2 Emailstreet_day27_Q_wizardGrades 2-6icon-sallevakken2

vink_grijs Instructional videos make it easier to learn more difficult topics
vink_grijs Immediate feedback offers important learning opportunities
vink_grijs Access Squla anytime, anywhere on Android or iPad tablets
vink_grijs Improves standardized test scores
vink_grijs Fully aligned to Common Core curriculumicon-sallevakken2icon-sallevakken2


Aligned to Common Core for Grades K-6

The educational needs of a child in first grade are different than a child in fifth grade. Squla understands how kids learn, play, and experience the world at each grade level. The program provides children with the appropriate content and support needed to successfully learn and progress through the multiple levels of activities.

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12 Months Squla

1 Child $6.67 per child per month
2 Children $5.84 per child per month
3 Children $5.00 per child per month
    • Annual membership
    • Monthly cancellation after 12 months
    • Includes personal parental account
    • Unlimited access to Squla apps

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