What’s This “Squla” Thing Parents and Teachers Have Been Raving About?

Squla is an amazingly fun and educational learning program, designed to fuel your child’s curiosity for knowledge anytime, anywhere. With content powered by Kaplan, Squla was developed by educators as well as gaming experts to cultivate lifelong learners and boost academic achievement. Squla features thousands of interactive games, quizzes and activities with multiple subjects for grades K–6!

Fuel your child’s curiosity, boost confidence, improve academic achievement and develop lifelong learners…there are so many benefits and features, we could write a novel! Instead, we’ll just let you try it for free! But if you’re still interested in that novel, just keep on scrolling or simply watch our video!

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Subjects Galore!

  • Challenges your child to master skills across multiple subjects for grades K–6
  • Fun curriculum-based content aligned to the Common Core State Standards
  • Powered by Kaplan to prepare children for standardized and national tests
  • Strengthens the school-to-home connection to motivate independent learning
  • Developmentally appropriate and grows with your child; enables learning at own pace and level

8vjp0LNdgu17NeJ68JI6V8vedoCtY1fdm8b7GBQbD70Let the Games Begin!

  • Features thousands of fun, interactive games, quizzes, activities and videos
  • Intuitive and adaptive interface with enticing, kid-friendly graphics
  • Includes engaging multiplayer games, stats, achievements and rewards
  • Allows your child to earn points to receive rewards and unlock exciting new activities
  • Updated weekly with fun new quizzes, games and activities

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  • Take it wherever you go with apps for iPad and Android tablets
  • Parent App to track your child’s progress and send motivational messages
  • Includes visual and audio support to allow early learners to play independently
  • 100% safe, secure and ad-free learning environment, certified by KidSAFE®

You scrolled all the way down here for little ol’ me! Well, let’s not make it a wasted trip— get started on your free 30-day trial now! 

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$8.00 per child per month
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    • Monthly membership
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    • Includes personal parental account
    • Unlimited access to Squla apps

12 Months Squla

$6.67 per child per month
$5.84 per child per month
$5.00 per child per month
    • Annual membership
    • Monthly cancellation after 12 months
    • Includes personal parental account
    • Unlimited access to Squla apps

How it Works

  • The free trial period may be cancelled at any time during the 30-day period at no cost. If you are enjoying Squla, do nothing and your membership will automatically continue at the selected membership rate.
  • For an annual membership, you will make a one-off payment of the total annual membership costs after the 30-day free trial has ended.
  • For a monthly membership, you will start with your monthly payments after the 30-day free trial has ended.
  • If you are already a Squla member and wish to upgrade your plan at a special rate, let us know at info@squla.com.